Google Awards

#Type of AwardsTeam/Player NameTitleDateLink
1TeamGOOGLE2nd Place Season 8December 16, 2023link
2TeamGOOGLE3rd Place Season 7September 14, 2023link
3TeamGOOGLE1st Place / Top IT Company Season 6February 19, 2023link
4TeamGOOGLE1st Place / Top IT Company Season 5September 8, 2022link
5TeamGOOGLE2nd Place / Top IT Company Season 4April 7, 2022link
6TeamGOOGLENACCL Champion Season 3November 11, 2021link
7TeamGOOGLENACCL Rapid Champion Pre-Season 2September 9, 2021link
8TeamGOOGLENACCL Rapid Champion Pre-Season 1August 19, 2021link
9TeamGOOGLENACCL Champion Season 2June 11, 2021link
10TeamGOOGLE9th Place Season 1February 26, 2021link
11IndividualTEDDY KATZ12th Place / Top Class A Season 7September 14, 2023link
12IndividualBRET BRYAN15th Place / 2nd Class A Season 7September 14, 2023link
13IndividualASEEM AGRAWALTop Class B Season 7September 14, 2023link
14IndividualLARKIN WISDOM2nd U1700 Season 5September 8, 2022link
15IndividualDANIEL MCBRIDE4th U1100 Season 5September 8, 2022link
16IndividualTHOMAS HOEKMAN10th Season 5September 8, 2022link
17IndividualBENJAMIN STERN14th Season 5September 8, 2022link
18IndividualYASH SHAH5th Season 5September 8, 2022link
19IndividualARUNAVA BHATTACHARJEE2nd Season 5September 8, 2022link
20IndividualLEONARDO PENA10th U1700 Season 5September 8, 2022link
21IndividualDANIEL MIKHAIL10th U1100 Season 5September 8, 2022link
22IndividualRAVI KHANNA6th Season 5September 8, 2022link
23IndividualBRET BRYAN11th Season 4April 7, 2022link
24IndividualBENJAMIN STERN14th Season 4April 7, 2022link
25IndividualDANIEL MCBRIDE4th U1100 Season 4April 7, 2022link
26IndividualARPIT HAMIRWASIA9th Season 4April 7, 2022link
27IndividualJUSTIN KUNKEL6th Unrated Season 4April 7, 2022link
28IndividualHAOTIAN ZHENG10th Season 4April 7, 2022link
29IndividualNM KOLA ADEYEMI13th Season 4April 7, 2022link
30IndividualLARKIN WISDOMTop U1700 Season 4April 7, 2022link
31IndividualLEONARDO PE√ĎA7th Unrated Season 4April 7, 2022link
32IndividualLAMBERT LIU5th Season 4April 7, 2022link
33IndividualIM RITVARS REIMANIS4th Season 4April 7, 2022link
34IndividualNM JAMES SUN1st Season 3November 11, 2021link
35IndividualBENJAMIN STERN3rd Season 3November 11, 2021link
36IndividualKATHAN SHUKLA14th Season 3November 11, 2021link
37IndividualDANIEL MCBRIDE5th U1100 Season 3November 11, 2021link
38IndividualANDREW LATHAMRapid Champion Pre-Season 2September 9, 2021link
39IndividualBRET BRYANRapid 4rd place Pre-Season 2September 9, 2021link
40IndividualAXEL ZUCHOVICKI ZARITSKYRapid 5th place Pre-Season 2September 9, 2021link
41IndividualRUSSELL HAWKINSRapid Top U1400 Pre-Season 2September 9, 2021link
42IndividualANDREW LATHAMRapid Champion Pre-Season 1August 19, 2021link
43IndividualCHUANQI SHENRapid 3rd place Pre-Season 1August 19, 2021link
44IndividualSHELDON LOGANRapid Top U1800 Pre-Season 1August 19, 2021link
45IndividualCHUANQI SHEN5th Place Season 2June 11, 2021link
46IndividualANDREW LATHAM10th Place Season 2June 11, 2021link
47IndividualBRET BRYAN11th Place Season 2June 11, 2021link
48IndividualBENJAMIN STERN14th Place Season 2June 11, 2021link
49IndividualDARREN BOLDUC10th Unrated Season 2June 11, 2021link
50IndividualALEXANDER LEWIS5th Unrated Season 1February 26, 2021link
51IndividualTOBI OWOPUTI10th U1700 Season 1February 26, 2021link
52IndividualMAURICIO OCONNELL9th U1100 Season 1February 26, 2021link

Google Players (

#IDNameRatingLichess HandleCheck-In
115151550NM ILKER BOZKURT2366ghost_of_bobby in
230180231NM ABHAY TAMILSELVAN2311abhayselvan in
313235534NM KOLA ADEYEMI2236capablancaz in
415060157 RAVI KHANNA2193RaviKhanna08 in
511109501 DAVID SPENCER2150atabotix in
614836577 DEREK JIA2107Twiceupontwotimes in
715333804 YURY VOLVOVSKIY2053iourique in
814468050 BENJAMIN STERN1998checkmateWeee in
912893972 TEDDY KATZ1944not-an-aardvark in
1099000942 ANDREI KHLYZOV1942Ecuakandy in
1112933609 JUSTIN LIANG1941Theonly1z in
1299009233 THANGA MANICKAM1923thangam2000 in
1399010378 STANLEY ZHONG1910qpwoeirut in
1415808601 KATHAN SHUKLA1907kshuk92 in
1512018030 BRET BRYAN1897bbryan in
1699004976 MICHAEL EDEGWARE1861medegw01 in
1799004665 ASEEM AGRAWAL1782aseemagrawal in
1813008544 LEONARDO PENA1756lpena373 in
1912671738 JOSEPH ARASIN1748jowaras in
2099009235 AAYUSH SINGH1717velvetthunder03 in
2116412290 JOSHUA HARBMAN1674lets_go_fast in
2299008234 OWEN GENTRY1553OHG in
2314101561 AUSTIN YE1546theinfiltrator in
2414407130 JACOB BUTLER1416under_hill in
2599010763 JAN OSSOWSKI1415wenzu in
2630162536 ANTON BOBKOV1402texfan in
2730256227 ALEX GREER1399OlTrusty in
2899002940 JUSTIN KUNKEL1350justkunk in
2930077361 MALCOLM DECK1161Mikotar in
3099010417 JD REDDAWAYunr.MageWind in
Total Players: 30 ~ Average Rating: 1755.27

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Head to head scores by GOOGLE

#Head to Head TeamsGamesScoreDetail
1GOOGLEIBM2516.5 - 8.5games
2GOOGLECAP12512.5 - 12.5games
3GOOGLEPWC2413.5 - 10.5games
4GOOGLEDELOITTE2215.0 - 7.0games
5GOOGLEAFS2214.5 - 7.5games
6EYGOOGLE2213.5 - 8.5games
7JANESTREETGOOGLE1914.0 - 5.0games
8GOOGLESIG1810.5 - 7.5games
9GOOGLEFINRA1713.0 - 4.0games
10GOOGLEDATABRICKS1711.5 - 5.5games
11GOOGLEJUMPTRADING1611.0 - 5.0games
12SYMETRAGOOGLE1511.0 - 4.0games
13GOOGLEAIRBNB137.0 - 6.0games
14GOOGLEHPE1210.0 - 2.0games
15GOOGLECOXCOM129.0 - 3.0games
16GOOGLEANDURIL128.5 - 3.5games
17GOOGLEDOORDASH117.5 - 3.5games
18GOOGLEPEAK6117.0 - 4.0games
19GOOGLESEGAL106.0 - 4.0games
20DRWGOOGLE97.0 - 2.0games
21LYFTGOOGLE96.0 - 3.0games
22GOOGLEMLB95.0 - 4.0games
23GOOGLEAIG64.5 - 1.5games
24GOOGLEITERABLE64.0 - 2.0games
25GOOGLEPALANTIR43.5 - 0.5games
26GOOGLETORCHLIGHT33.0 - 0.0games
27GOOGLEREDVENTURES32.0 - 1.0games
28GOOGLEARTHURAI32.0 - 1.0games
29GOOGLEFPS31.5 - 1.5games
30GOOGLERESILIENCE22.0 - 0.0games
31TRICERATGOOGLE21.0 - 1.0games
Note: We do not use these scores to calculate any awards/prizes.