Pre-Season Blitz Registration Open


Season 10 Registration Open


North American Corporate Chess League

Welcome to the North American Corporate Chess League. The NACCL is an online recreational chess league created for companies headquartered in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Masters and beginners alike may join the league to represent their companies in friendly competition against companies all over North America. Represent your company, expand your network, and of course, have fun!

Pre-Season Blitz!
  August 1, 2024

Registration Open!

  Season 10
  October 3 - November 14, 2024

Registration Open!


  • Inclusive - Teams may have up to 15 players and all players get to participate weekly
  • Engaging - A weekly improvement seminar for all players in the league
  • Practical - 3 Rapid Games (not blitz) Played in less than 1.5 hours on a weeknight
  • Effortless - With one click players will be able to check in and join their game
  • Flexible - Weekly check-in process, no penalty for weeks players can not play


  • Create a low pressure yet competitive online environment for business professionals throughout North America to meet across the board.
  • Encourage novice players and chess aficionados alike to compete by using a team scoring system in which everyone can contribute to their company's team, but only the top scorers affect the leaderboard. – that's right, you can't hurt the team!
  • Popularize online chess at the corporate level during work from home.
  • Promote a social chess community – companies will be encouraged to host "team meetings" online while playing, and games will be broadcasted live with expert commentary and special guests.
  • Represent your company through friendly and social competition. Awards given to both top companies and individuals. Social media shares and acknowledgments during live broadcasts, to thousands of followers.
  • Assist companies in their efforts to create online team building and networking activities for their employees.
  • Any company outside of the chess industry is eligible to register for the league.
  • No official chess memberships or minimum level is required. Only fundamental chess knowledge necessary.
  • Company headquarters must be in the USA, Canada, or Mexico.