Week 1

Game 1


Thursday, August 04, 2022, 08:00 PM EDT

Game 2


Thursday, August 04, 2022, 08:45 PM EDT

Player Checkin and Game Join Help Sheet
please read check-in instruction below
TeamIDNameLichess HandleStatusCheck-in Method
Google12764992 ADAM OLSHANSKYDarthAdamnot open
Raymond James Financial, Inc99004452 ALEX COBBCobb1129not open
Jump Trading99000702 ANDREW SEPUTISsepco16not open
Lyft, Inc.99002375 ANTHONY KIManthkimnot open
Lyft, Inc.99000844 ARDA KUYUMCUakuyumcunot open
LendingTree99002419 BALAGURUBARAN LAINGARAYANbalagurubaranot open
Google14470992 BENJAMIN BRUMFIELDbbrumnot open
Google30315855 BOWEN GUIRipbombanot open
Google12018030 BRET BRYANbbryannot open
High Extra12780191 CAHYONO NUGROHOe4coolnot open
Peak6 Investments99002620 CHENBO WANtonywan2003not open
Google15345745 CHRIS COLENccolennot open
Citadel Securities12756973 CHRISTOPHER WARDEnglishBobnot open
Airbnb15927855 COLIN DIAMONDCHD520not open
Google30040690 DANIEL MCBRIDEbikewreckernot open
Google30437910 DIEGO GOMEZKingOfTomorrownot open
Citadel Securities99003961 EVGENY LITVERlitver797not open
Citadel Securities12863387 HARRISON TERMOTTOfluffyBebonot open
Lyft, Inc.99000845 HENG QUANaigunot open
Raymond James Financial, Inc99004451 JAKE CLAUSONjclausonnot open
Peak6 Investments99003359 JAKE GOLDRICHdabears1not open
Rocket Lab99004440 JAMES DIMMETTETheDrunkenChessmannot open
LendingTree30131244 JAMES GRAYjimgray9999not open
Educational Testing Service (ETS)99002371 JEFF ACKLEYjackley5not open
Citadel Securities99002897 JULIUS REINERzoogenhiemnot open
Google15808601 KATHAN SHUKLAkshuk92not open
DRW99003848 KENNAN MEYERkjm354not open
Peak6 Investments12913951NM KEVIN BUThingsChangenot open
Lyft, Inc.12860484IM KYRON GRIFFITHkyrongriffithnot open
Google30605581 LARKIN WISDOMPOXZASYnot open
DRW13983253 LLOYD LIUJust2Krazynot open
Raymond James Financial, Inc16915318 LOGAN DIMITRIEGrim_Leapernot open
Citadel Securities99002880 MANUEL SANCHEZrinzaidoubleyolonot open
LendingTree99000753 MARYANNE SWEATMaryanne_Sweatnot open
Raymond James Financial, Inc13688283 MATTHEW TRUJILLOMalurnnot open
Google99001734 MAURICIO O'CONNELLmfochessnot open
Rocket Lab99004435 MICHAEL LIUliubricatenot open
Google30180674 MICHAEL QUISTmjqxxxxnot open
Educational Testing Service (ETS)12784751 MICHAEL KALTMANCoyotek4not open
Google12860543 MICHAEL AUGERpatzerplaynot open
Peak6 Investments13415961 MINKEE LEEMinkeenot open
Airbnb12687929 MUSIRI SRIVADHSANmusirisriramnot open
LendingTree99000750 NATHAN PETRONpetronot open
LendingTree99002417 NIKOLAI SMOLINnikolaismolinnot open
High Extra17352943 NOPRIYADI TANnopriyadinot open
Peak6 Investments99003343 PAUL WHALENpgwhalennot open
DRW12998825 PETER RYANpeter_ryannot open
Citadel Securities14056673GM PRAVEEN BALAKRISHNANChessWizard521not open
Google14612952 RICHARD SHUdrpeppanot open
DRW17045394 ROBERT SCOTTrjdscottnot open
Citadel Securities99003956 ROGERS EPSTEINrogersepnot open
Rocket Lab99000782 RYAN BEGGIATObeggiatornot open
Google99000940 SHELDON LOGANmudd_chessnot open
Peak6 Investments99004361 SHUBHANKAR TYAGIputt-se-castlenot open
Argent Financial Group99004546 STERLING WILLIAMSTexanGentnot open
Peak6 Investments99003782 SUDHARSAN MOHANsudharmohan87not open
Google12893972 TEDDY KATZnot-an-aardvarknot open
Airbnb99001876 TIBERIU POPAdostoevsky_karamazovnot open
Educational Testing Service (ETS)14349402 TIMOTHY PELLETREAUtittlebatusnot open
High Extra13907295 VIRGINIA OENvirginiacdanot open
Lyft, Inc.99003940 VITHUSHAN JEYAKUMARANvitujnot open
High Extra13466177 WALTER HIGHChessStream1not open
filter only checked in players

Check-in process:

  • Check-in is required each Thursday to eliminate "no-shows"
  • Check-in is open 24 hours before the round.
  • Check-in is closed 15 minutes before the start of the round.
  • If you are "IN" but need to modify/cancel, use email method, and you will have option to modify it.

Select ONE of these following check-in methods:

To check-in using email method:
  • Step 1: Find your name in the list, and click "email" under "check-in method" column.
  • Step 2: Enter your last 4 digits of your phone, or first 4 characters email address, and we will send email.
  • Step 3: Open your email, click the link and you are confirmed.
  • Once you are redirected to this page, you are "IN", and you are ready to go!
To check-in using Lichess Auth:
  • Step 1: Find your name in the list, and click "lichess" under "check-in method" column.
  • Step 2: Follow the Auth process again like when you were registering.
  • Once you are redirected to this page, you are "IN", and you are ready to go!
To check-in using TEXT/SMS :
  • Step 1: Using your phone, send a message to our phone system (844)448-0084
  • Step 2.a: Send "PLAY TODAY" to check-in.
  • Step 2.b: Send "CANCEL PLAY" to cancel your check-in.
  • Step 3: You have to wait until the system sends a reply/confirmation.
  • Once you have a confirmation, you are "IN", and you are ready to go!
Today's Date: Thursday, July 07, 2022 05:40 AM EST