League Format



  • Click here to download NACCL Flyer.
  • Each Season is 6 weeks long with 2 games played each week - see schedule.
  • All games will be played on lichess.org - a free, open source chess platform.
  • Pairings will be posted to this website and you will be linked directly to your game with one click!
  • The "time control" is 15 minutes with a 5-second increment (bonus) per move.
  • This is a blended "individual/team" competition, not team vs team.
  • Entire teams will not be paired against each other in a board vs. board format – this will be a large tournament where players may play against anyone else in the tournament.
  • Minimum players per team: 4
  • Maximum players per team entry: 15
    • Companies may open up an additional 15 spots on the team for an additional team entry fee.
  • Team Scores are calculated by combining the top 4 scorers from the same company.


  • Players who show up late may have their clock started at the set round times (8:00 pm, 8:45 pm Eastern) or may be forfeited.
  • Players from the same team (company) will not be paired against each other.
  • Similarly ranked players will be paired against each other based on ratings and standings.
  • Players will receive 1 point out of 2 (two half point byes) for up to three missed weeks.


  • Team Prizes (Custom Plaques)
    • Top 10 Overall.
    • Top 2 Small Companies (under 250 employees).
    • Top Financial Service Company.
    • Top IT Company.
    • Top Law Company.
  • Individual Prizes (Custom Plaques)
    • Top 10 Overall
    • Top 5 Under 2000
    • Top 5 Under 1800
    • Top 5 Under 1600
    • Top 5 Under 1400
    • Top 5 Under 1200
    • Top 5 Unrated

Weekly Lessons