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DRW Holdings Awards

#Type of AwardsTeam/Player NameTitleDateLink
1TeamDRW5th Place Season 5September 8, 2022link
2TeamDRW7th Place Season 4April 7, 2022link
3TeamDRW8th Place Season 3November 11, 2021link
4TeamDRWTied for 10th Place Season 2June 11, 2021link
5IndividualNM ANDREW LU13th Season 5September 8, 2022link
6IndividualFM IGOR TSYGANOV12th Season 3November 11, 2021link
7IndividualALEX CHESNEY9th U1100 Season 3November 11, 2021link
8IndividualNM NICHOLAS DESMARAIS13th Place Season 2June 11, 2021link
9IndividualPAUL MANNINO4th Unrated Season 2June 11, 2021link

DRW Holdings Players (drwholdings.com)

#IDNameRatingLichess HandleCheck-In
112727882FM IGOR TSYGANOV2260tsygan in
213792670NM ANDREW LU2242dawnrule in
312922267NM NICHOLAS DESMARAIS2217Marsh_Knight in
412912152NM DYLAN JAMES2204ArtOfDeception in
599004553 WARREN JIANG1877warrenjjjj in
612985071 ALEXANDER KOBY1678Pinedapple in
730127121 MAX RANIS1654MaxMax20 in
899003848 KENNAN MEYER1628kjm354 in
912998825 PETER RYAN1599peter_ryan in
1017045394 ROBERT SCOTT1486rjdscott in
1116753637 GRADY CHRISTOPHERSON1449GradyC in
1217352290 PATRICK DOHERTY867UnicornOdyssey in
Total Players: 12 ~ Average Rating: 1763.42

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Head to head scores by DRW

#Head to Head TeamsGamesScoreDetail
1DRWGOOGLE1910.5 - 8.5games
2DRWHPE96.0 - 3.0games
3DRWDELOITTE76.0 - 1.0games
4DRWSIG75.0 - 2.0games
5DRWCAPITALONE64.5 - 1.5games
6FINRADRW63.5 - 2.5games
7DRWJANESTREET53.5 - 1.5games
8PWCDRW53.0 - 2.0games
9DRWAFS53.0 - 2.0games
10JUMPTRADINGDRW42.0 - 2.0games
11DRWMILLIMAN22.0 - 0.0games
12CHARLESRIVERDRW22.0 - 0.0games
13DRWANDURIL22.0 - 0.0games
14IBMDRW21.0 - 1.0games
15DRWLYFT21.0 - 1.0games
16DRWARGENT11.0 - 0.0games
17CITADELDRW11.0 - 0.0games
18DRWLOGICWORKS11.0 - 0.0games
19DRWPALANTIR11.0 - 0.0games
20DRWPEAK611.0 - 0.0games
21DRWZELUS11.0 - 0.0games
Note: We do not use these scores to calculate any awards/prizes.