Week 1

Game 1


Thursday, 06 May 2021, 08:00 PM EST

Game 2


Thursday, 06 May 2021, 08:45 PM EST

Player Checkin and Game Join Help Sheet
please read check-in instruction below
TeamIDNameLichess HandleStatusCheck-in Method
Novetta99001668 AARON THUTagthutnot open
Splunk99001696 ABHIJIT SINHAgreyshellnot open
Novetta99001669 ABIGAIL DODSONprovidancenot open
Lyft, Inc.99001677 ADAM COHENacslater00not open
Sullivan & Cromwell LLP17199157 ADAM RAHMANrahmana9not open
Jump Trading12642226 ADAM MUHSJumpAround2021not open
Charles River Associates99000698 ADITI GUHAaditiguha27not open
Palo Alto Networks14738383 AIMUN KHANAimunnot open
Qualcomm Inc.99000640 AJIT KRISHNAMOORTHYajit18not open
Airtable99001703 ALEX MCDONNELLQuinlan613not open
Sullivan & Cromwell LLP99000708 ALEXA LAWSON-REMERalexalrnot open
Google15164390 ALEXANDER LEWISJettTheJengaGodnot open
Jump Trading99001674 ANDREI FRIMUaytionot open
Google99000942 ANDREI KHLYZOVEcuakandynot open
Splunk99000649 ANDREW MCGILLaphoristicanot open
Jump Trading99000702 ANDREW SEPUTISsepco16not open
Google99001650 ANDREW WILLEYandwilleynot open
Qualcomm Inc.14668625 ANIL RAOsleeperknightnot open
Palo Alto Networks99001719 ANKIT SARRAFchess_panwnot open
Lyft, Inc.99000844 ARDA KUYUMCUakuyumcunot open
Lyft, Inc.17225107 AUJER DINGAujernot open
Palo Alto Networks99001721 AURELIEN BIHELDerp-Stockfishnot open
Charles River Associates14818612 AUSTIN LEEaramziex1not open
Google99001657 AXEL ZARITSKYzuchonot open
ThomsonReuters16964194 BENJAMIN FRISCHBrilliantBlundernot open
Lyft, Inc.99000951 BENJAMIN HANlaxatives11not open
Planetary Systems99000593 BENJAMIN RINAUTObenbuzz790not open
Google12018030 BRET BRYANbbryannot open
Palo Alto Networks99001718 BRIAN SOTNICKbriansotnicknot open
Charles River Associates99001667 CAROLINE HEILBRUNCarrie_Blunderwoodnot open
Airtable99001710 CHETAS JOSHIchetasjoshinot open
Qualcomm Inc.16396957 CHRISTOPHER LAGUNAmendthegownnot open
Airtable99000799 CODY HENSHAWh4kkrnot open
Airtable99000791 DALTON BATTLELastBattlenot open
Sullivan & Cromwell LLP16931482 DANIEL LASKOLanDaskonot open
Creative Breakthroughs, Inc. (CBI)12717088 DAVID MAMIKONYANDavidCISSPnot open
Planetary Systems99001698 DAWSON TRAVISdrnarwhalnot open
Google13456097 DEE GUOfat_owlnot open
Charles River Associates99000688 DENNY LAIdlai2021not open
ThomsonReuters99001682 DHAVAL UPADHYAYAudhavalnot open
ThomsonReuters99001683 DOMINGO HUHISB314not open
LendingTree99001699 DSHUTER dshuterTreenot open
Airtable99001717 ED PAGANOedpaganonot open
Charles River Associates99000707 EDDIE LIcrement115not open
LendingTree12623772 ERSAN SANOersanjsanonot open
ThomsonReuters99000739 EVAN PAIWubaboonot open
Planetary Systems99001695 FLOYD AZUREAzure406not open
Palantir99001672 FRANZ NOWAKmingus93not open
Google30089559 GAURAV GHOSHgsq121not open
Compass12928544 GAUTAM NARULAfreefoodguynot open
Lyft, Inc.99001664 GEOFFREY SALISIgsalisinot open
ThomsonReuters12492700 GREGG DALEgreggdalenot open
Sullivan & Cromwell LLP99000701 HARRY MURPHYhm44not open
Palo Alto Networks99001716 HARSH VERMAharshverma59not open
Jump Trading17350402 HUANZHOU YUhzhyunot open
Novetta99000748 JACK BUTTIMERfrvanillanot open
Creative Breakthroughs, Inc. (CBI)99001653 JACOB MATHISJMathisnot open
LendingTree30131244 JAMES GRAYjimgray9999not open
Splunk99000712 JAMES HARRISliljay14not open
Novetta10305861 JAMES ADAMSjasmadamsnot open
Splunk30144616 JARYD SAEVITZONlivtzn32not open
Compass99000724 JASON PAOyoyoonarocknot open
Novetta12731491 JEREMY OWENSCrunchy-Jnot open
Novetta14128050 JESS INGISONjingisonnot open
Splunk99000648 JIM ZHUbigkitkatnot open
Compass99001686 JIMMY LIjimmywinsallnot open
Airtable16600505 JOEL CARRONjelliotnot open
Neuroastronomy12211600 JOEL WINERJwwmdnot open
Jump Trading99001676 JONATHAN PAULSONjonathanpaulsonnot open
Palo Alto Networks15843800 JOSE IIJR_Gnot open
Palo Alto Networks12801927 JULIAN ARONOWITZArchainot open
Google99000954 KARTHIK RAMAKRISHNANMrKarthiknot open
LendingTree99000793 KENNY AFOLABIkafolabinot open
Peak6 Investments12913951 KEVIN BUThingsChangenot open
LendingTree99001680 KEVIN COLWELLsokrstud3not open
Lyft, Inc.99001662 KEVIN YANGkyanggnot open
Lyft, Inc.99000888 KEVIN ZHAOk24testnot open
Creative Breakthroughs, Inc. (CBI)99001654 KYLE NIXKyleNixnot open
Lyft, Inc.12860484FM KYRON GRIFFITHkyrongriffithnot open
Neuroastronomy99000761 LARRY WINERLarryWinernot open
DigeTekS99001720 LEGREENING LEGreeningnot open
Creative Breakthroughs, Inc. (CBI)99001652 LEON MALKOWYCHlmalkowychnot open
Novetta99000744 LOY FONGKengTeongnot open
Compass99001687 LURAN HEluranhenot open
Palantir99001697 MARSHALL frizonnot open
Neuroastronomy99000811 MATTHEW FINGLETONMKF717not open
ThomsonReuters15351356 MATTHEW SCHMIDTmwschmidt75not open
Palantir99000810 MATTHEW WINGWing1337not open
Google99001656 MAX PAYMARwmpaynot open
Jump Trading99001684 MAX VIGDORCHIKmaxv008not open
Palantir99001700 MICHAEL mxkonot open
Google99001658 MICHAEL CHECOmichaelcheconot open
Planetary Systems99000575 MICHAEL LIUliubricatenot open
Planetary Systems12608291 MICHAEL WHALENzzpatzernot open
ThomsonReuters12533901 MICHAEL WOJCIECHOWSKIpyawnnot open
Charles River Associates99001692 MICHAELYN CORBETTCorbett123not open
Charles River Associates99000784 MILINDA MUTTIAHBilly_Muttiahnot open
Peak6 Investments13415961 MINKEE LEEMinkeenot open
Novetta30020185 MR. MICHAEL HERMSmhermsnot open
Compass99001685 NATE BRAKELEYNonamenate13not open
Compass99001702 NATE LALAUsweetkneesnot open
DigeTekS99001714 NATE WINGNateWingnot open
Sullivan & Cromwell LLP99000922 NATHAN GOLDENnate88889999not open
LendingTree99000750 NATHAN PETRONpetronot open
Novetta13222014 NEIL EDWARDSnaedwards14not open
Palo Alto Networks99001722 NEIL SONNENBERGneilsonnenbergnot open
LendingTree99001651 OWEN HUNTowenalex24not open
Planetary Systems14196641 PATRICK TALSANIApktalsnot open
Qualcomm Inc.99000641 PETER BISGAARDpbisgaardnot open
Ernst & Young 12536287 PETER WINIKcalera52not open
Novetta99000760 PJ REIDPjreid819not open
Jump Trading99001675 PRADHAN KUMARpradhanpnot open
Qualcomm Inc.99001707 PRAJAKT KULKARNIprajakt123chessnot open
Splunk99001693 PRASHANTH KANNANlorenzavonnot open
Splunk99001709 RAHUL RATHIrahulrathinot open
Lyft, Inc.99000993 RAMON IGLESIAShuevosabionot open
Splunk99001688 RUI HEbadabootnot open
Google30089714 RUSSELL HAWKINSRussellHawkinsChessnot open
Planetary Systems99000782 RYAN BEGGIATObeggiatornot open
Neuroastronomy99000813 RYAN GEMMELLRyanGemmellnot open
Planetary Systems99001694 RYAN WILLIAMSOpee18not open
Neuroastronomy99001661 SAL RIZZOsrizzo01not open
Jump Trading14616385 SAM DAVIS KATERReinhardtNiegoldnot open
ThomsonReuters99000613 SAMEER ASHRAFsameerashraf2021not open
Qualcomm Inc.99001708 SATISH GRANDHIskgrandhnot open
Novetta99000747 SCOTT GRAMIGthesuckoutnot open
Qualcomm Inc.99000617 SETHU LAKSHMANANsethulakshnot open
Qualcomm Inc.16904502 SHAILESH MAHESHWARIchesssh29not open
DigeTekS12445058 SHANE BROWNAlkeminot open
Google99000940 SHELDON LOGANmudd_chessnot open
Charles River Associates13206647NM SIDDHARTH ARUNSidArunnot open
Splunk99000650 SKYLER TAYLORskylermtnot open
Qualcomm Inc.99001711 SOUMIL SHAHsoumshahnot open
Novetta99001666 SPENCER RAYMONDsraymondnot open
Creative Breakthroughs, Inc. (CBI)99001655 STEVE BARONEstevebaronenot open
Novetta99000756 STUART SPIEGELStuart_Spiegelnot open
Charles River Associates99000741 SWATI KANORIASwati_Raninot open
Google12895042 THOMAS DAVIDStfdavidsnot open
Palantir99000809 TIM DYCKTimmyDnot open
Lyft, Inc.13672381 TIMOTHY WANGTimExcelsnot open
Palantir17030803 TRISTAN GRUSKAdrusdannot open
Novetta99000861 TYE WELLStyewellsnot open
Google12846544 VANCE ZUOdelphisznot open
High Extra13907295 VIRGINIA CALDARIvirginiacdanot open
High Extra13466177 WALTER HIGHe4coolnot open
Jump Trading99001673 WGLENN NACorporateCheesenot open
Novetta99000768 WILLIAM DORRwdorrnot open
Palantir12871093 ZACHARY FRYfrydawg524not open
Charles River Associates99000678 ZACK SMITHRookClimberZacknot open
filter only checked in players

Check-in process:

  • Check-in is required each Thursday to eliminate "no-shows"
  • Check-in is open 24 hours before the round.
  • Check-in is closed 15 minutes before the start of the round.
  • If you are "IN" but need to modify/cancel, use email method, and you will have option to modify it.

Select ONE of these following check-in methods:

To check-in using email method:
  • Step 1: Find your name in the list, and click "email" under "check-in method" column.
  • Step 2: Enter your last 4 digits of your phone, or first 4 characters email address, and we will send email.
  • Step 3: Open your email, click the link and you are confirmed.
  • Once you are redirected to this page, you are "IN", and you are ready to go!
To check-in using Lichess Auth:
  • Step 1: Find your name in the list, and click "lichess" under "check-in method" column.
  • Step 2: Follow the Auth process again like when you were registering.
  • Once you are redirected to this page, you are "IN", and you are ready to go!
To check-in using TEXT/SMS :
  • Step 1: Using your phone, send a message to our phone system (844)448-0084
  • Step 2.a: Send "PLAY TODAY" to check-in.
  • Step 2.b: Send "CANCEL PLAY" to cancel your check-in.
  • Step 3: You have to wait until the system sends a reply/confirmation.
  • Once you have a confirmation, you are "IN", and you are ready to go!
Today's Date: Monday, 19 April 2021 02:18 PM EST