FPS Libations LLC


FPS Libations LLC Awards

#Type of AwardsTeam/Player NameTitleDateLink
1TeamFPS2nd Place Small Company Season 1February 26, 2021link
2IndividualJOSEPH FRANCIOSA10th Unrated Season 5September 8, 2022link
3IndividualANH PHAM9th U1100 Season 4April 7, 2022link
4IndividualBARRY WONG7th U1100 Season 2June 11, 2021link
5IndividualDUTCH SULKALA10th U1100 Season 2June 11, 2021link

FPS Libations LLC Players

#IDNameRatingLichess HandleCheck-In
199003796 JOSEPH FRANCIOSA1451oMrRedo 
299001819 DUTCH SULKALA1226oMrOrangeo 
399000765 ANH PHAM861GalaxyGrey 
599004849 KATELYN DAVIS-MAYO362KDavis90 
Total Players: 5 ~ Average Rating: 884.60

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Head to head scores by FPS

#Head to Head TeamsGamesScoreDetail
1ITERABLEFPS33.0 - 0.0games
2ANDURILFPS21.0 - 1.0games
3DOORDASHFPS21.0 - 1.0games
4FPSFLUMEWATER11.0 - 0.0games
5FPSAFS11.0 - 0.0games
6DRWFPS11.0 - 0.0games
7CAP1_AFPS11.0 - 0.0games
8JANESTREETFPS11.0 - 0.0games
9GOOGLE_BFPS11.0 - 0.0games
10DELOITTEFPS10.5 - 0.5games
Note: We do not use these scores to calculate any awards/prizes.