Pre-Season Events


Pre-Season Events

Pre-Season Event is one day event runs by NACCL for its members only. Any players who were registered for Season 1, Season 2 can play, and it is free! Players who have registered for next season (Season 3) can join too.

It is 5 rounds (games) in one day with time control of game 7 minutes with 2 seconds increment (G/7+2). Swiss system, with individual and team standings. Teammates won't play each other. Top 4 scores in a team will be used for team score. USCF standard tiebreaks for individual and team standings. Registeration/check-in is open 1 week prior to the event, and we will send reminder prior to first round. Seats are limited, please register/check-in early.

Games schedule:

Our next pre-season event will take place in January 2022

You can check-in/withdraw anytime during the event. Please make sure that if you need to withdraw, do it before the next round pairings (before you are paired). Use check-in tab/page to register/check-in/withdraw.


Individual and team prizes to be determined.

Previous Pre-Season Events

Event NameDate of The EventIndividual WinnersTeam WinnersGames
Rapid Championship 1Thursday, August 19, 2021click hereclick hereclick here
Rapid Championship 2Thursday, September 09, 2021click hereclick hereclick here