High Extra


High Extra Awards

#Type of AwardsTeam/Player NameTitleDateLink
1IndividualCAHYONO NUGROHO1st-3rd U1800 LPO 2016October 10, 2016link
2IndividualCAHYONO NUGROHOClear 1st U1800 Ron Simpson Memorial 2016March 20, 2016link
3IndividualCAHYONO NUGROHOClear 1st U1200 Land Of The Sky 2003January 14, 2015link
4IndividualCAHYONO NUGROHO3rd-6th U1400 Big Enchilada 2012January 14, 2015link
5IndividualCAHYONO NUGROHO1st-2nd U1400 North Carolina Open 2012January 14, 2015link
6IndividualCAHYONO NUGROHOClear 1st U1700 ACC Cash Your Check 2014January 14, 2015link
7IndividualCAHYONO NUGROHO#1 Best Father - Child Team National K-12 Championship 2012January 14, 2015link

North American Corporate Chess Session 9

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