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Week 3 – Google Pulls Ahead

North American Corporate Chess League og

It’s half time in the North American Corporate Chess League!  A clear leader emerged after three weeks, with Google (21 points) just ahead of Deloitte (20) and Jump Trading (19.5).  With the top four individual scores on each of the 42 teams counting for a team’s score, expect lots of movement as we enter the second half of season 2.

There were many high-level games this week, with a few National Masters and many other strong players being nicked for draws or even upset for the full point. For the first time this season there were several games between FIDE-titled players. Check out this very interesting game between NM Kevin Bu (Peak6 Investments) and NM Saumil Padhya (Deloitte):

In a very up-and-down game which featured an endgame pawn race and possible fortress, Alex Weil (Google) defeated Marshall Seid (Palantir):


After six rounds, GM Ashwin Jayaram (2571) a very familiar name at the top, is tied with Chuanqi Shen (2303) of Google at a perfect 6/6.  These two will face off next week, with GM Jayaram taking the White pieces.  FM Kyron Griffith (Lyft) is in clear third place with 5.5/6, followed by a huge pack at 5 points, including 2200+ rated players NM Saumil Padhya (Deloitte), FM Andrey Krasnov (Jump Trading), NM Siddharth Arun (Charles River Associates), NM Sameer Mujumdar (Ernst & Young), and NM Nicholas Desmarais (DRW).  See the individual standings here and team standings here.

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Commentary and Lectures

FM Peter Giannatos had the call on week 3 commentary, which can be replayed here

Coming up on Monday is weekly improvement seminar, featuring GM Daniel Naroditsky.

Many NACCL participants enjoyed GM Pascal Charbonneau’s seminar this past Wednesday, which can be replayed in the private link in our regular newsletter.

Our final “Chess in Business” seminar will feature Mauricio Flores Ríos, who is a chess Grandmaster and author but also has a PhD in Machine Learning and works as an Applied Scientist at Amazon.

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